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Martine Dechavanne, by her artist name Fauve, is a French painter born in 1955. Entirely self-taught, she forged an artistic culture through her reading and practiced drawing and painting.

His works are multicolored landscapes or festive portraits. Whether they are scenes of daily life or celebratory events, she makes each of them moments of joy with a sweetened atmosphere. Borrowing her name from the Fauvist movement, she anchors her art by definition in this vein. Each of his paintings are then an ode to color and light that pierces them from all sides.

Acrylic on canvas 20x20 cm  
The works are framed with a black American box. Other works are exhibited in the Museum shop

Swing 20x20.jpg
Tout là haut 20x20.jpg
Au piano 20x20.jpg
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