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The Millet Museum, a historical monument


Painter, draftsman, pastel artist and engraver, Jean-François Millet is the most famous of the painters of the Barbizon School, and undoubtedly the most famous French painter abroad. His scenes of rural life (The Angelus, the Gleaners, the Man with a Hoe, the Sower) are now icons that belong to the world's artistic heritage. They were all painted in the painter's studio in Barbizon.

The Millet Museum, a house whose facade and the two oldest rooms fall within the protected domain, is a private museum open to the public since 1923. Far from his native Normandy, Millet lived there for twenty-six years of his life (1849-1875 ), with his wife and nine children. He died in the small bedroom upstairs. The place surprises visitors with its authenticity, the house and the workshop have remained in the state where its widow and the heirs of its owner left them.

House of memory, sentimental museum, private collection, your visit here is not marked. The authenticity of the place, the preserved atmosphere, the "beautiful light" and the intimacy are the price.

To help you find the thread of a simple stroll among objects and paintings, we are therefore giving you only a few indications and milestones.

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