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Mariane Broggi, pulp sculptures and other curiosities

My collection of insects was born from the desire to make visible the fantastic in nature, to bring out totemic images of the animal world. You will find in my works my fascination for the naturalist art of the 18th century: the cabinet of curiosities and its entomological collections.

I like experimenting with natural recipes and assembling unexpected materials. This led me to create my own raw material based on recycled materials, and I meticulously work on precious effects: gold leaf, patina effects, lacquer, engraving, embroidery… 

Sculptures in painted or lacquered paper paste (other works and other curiosities are present at the Museum shop)

Acromis sparsa.jpg
Aspidomorpha bimaculata.jpg
Chrysolina cerealis.jpg
Cryocère d'Ulysse.jpg
Phaneus démon.jpg
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